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Time for something new

Once again it’s been a ridiculous amount of time since my last post and I think that needs to change, along with a number of other changes that I hope will breathe a bit of life into this blog and kick-start my enthusiasm for writing. First up for change is the subject matter, which will be made a little broader. I’ll continue to write the occasional web development post but rather than limiting myself to that subject I also intend to write about my interest in photography, reviews on products and services that I own or use, and a bit of personal stuff thrown in for good measure every so often.

The second change that I have planned is to the design, once again. I still like the look of this theme but it’s been here a long time and so needs to go. As there have been a fair few people in the past who have expressed an interest in using the theme themselves, along with some who didn’t ask first, I’ve decided to make it available for download via Blog Themes Club where you’ll find it listed as the Artemis theme. Blog Themes Club is operated by Kevin from Blogging Tips and Sarah from Stuff by Sarah. Themes are available after purchasing one of the selection of membership packages that are available, or by purchasing a single use license if you don’t require any support, updates or access to other themes. The service hasn’t been running for long but they’ve already got a good selection of great looking themes available so go take a look if you’re in need of a decent WordPress theme.

Change number three is more of a personal change and involves me making sure that I post to this site on a more regular basis, so keep an eye out for updates and hopefully there’ll be something of interest for everyone.

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