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If I’d have been a regular poster over the last 2 years I would likely have told how I’d taken up photography seriously after buying my first SLR (a second-hand Canon EOS 10D). I’d maybe also have mentioned about some of the other cameras, lenses and accessories that I’ve bought since then, and how I’ve been getting on with using them. Being the lazy bugger that I am, I didn’t do that, though, so this post feels a little like a misplaced ramble at the moment, but I am going ahead with it. And I can perhaps come back at a later date to fill the gaps in with subsequent posts. Anyhow, to continue…

Over the course of the last couple of years I’ve shot around 60,000 photos. With each new image stimulating my interested, and developing my skill, more than the last. And as my interest and skills have developed so has my confidence, which has led me to display my photos in more and more places, attempting to reach an increasingly wider audience. This includes regular uploads to my Flickr account, which previously was home to just a few cameraphone snapshots, as well as accounts on a number of other image sharing sites; these include JPG, Lomography, and my photoblog. I still post the occasional cameraphone snap to Flickr, but they now tend to mostly go to TwitPic, which makes it quick and easy to show them on Twitter. If you’re interested, take a look and let me know what you think. I’d love to receive constructive feedback on my photos, the biggest drawback about Flickr is that comments tend to be too much on the nice side with everyone being afraid to say what they really think. I’d much prefer to be told what I perhaps could have done better, and how, it could help make me a better artist (bearing in mind that the appreciation of a photograph, as with all art, is subjective and personal).

As well as displaying my photos on the Internet I’ve also plucked up the courage to enter a few in competitions to try and expose them to a wider audience, and to see how they fare against other people’s photos. The first one that I entered was the Met2tate contest held in Liverpool, and I did quite well with 2 of the 3 photos I entered being commended. Next was Canon’s “The Assignment”, in which I made the final short-list in the UK Landscape category. So, I’ve had some small success with my photos; however my confidence still has some way to go as so far this year I’ve bottled out of entering 2 or 3 competitions, and I intend to work on that.

If you know of any photography competitions that may be worthwhile entering let me know in a comment here, it’s not easy finding ones that are pitched at the right level and don’t have rights-grabbing terms and conditions.

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