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Naked Day x2

Well, CSS naked day has been and gone again this year – well, at least for me it has. The last couple of years it’s been on April 5th, and I’ve participated each year. This year was no exception – however I may have celebrated by myself as it seems they changed the day and forgot to tell me 😉

I have a little PHP set up to automagically strip my CSS links out of my pages whenever it’s April 5th anywhere in the World, and that worked perfectly again this year. The problem is, CSS Naked Day is now on the 9th, so I’m going to have to do it all again. So, here goes …

It’s CSS Naked Day – Go here for more information about why I have no styles on this site, and maybe consider joining in 🙂

For those of you wondering why some sites are doing it on the 8th – the script used checks to see whether it’s the 9th ‘somewhere’ in the world, and if so it then turns off the CSS. It’s automagic!

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