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More meme madness

Feel free to skip this if you’re not interested in this kind of thing, but Toxie has meme tagged me. For revenge it seems. Anyway …

  • I AM: a bit lax at posting here.
  • I WANT: to get better at this web development malarky.
  • I HATE: the stupid petty things that I should be able to ignore.
  • I MISS: my parents.
  • I FEAR: being eaten alive.
  • I HEAR: a lot more than appearances indicate.
  • I WONDER: for a while, then I examine.
  • I REGRET: pretty much everything I did from 1978 to 1984.
  • I AM NOT: able to change those things.
  • I DANCE: almost as well as I sing.
  • I SING: incredibly well when incredibly drunk.
  • I SEE: amazing things.
  • I CRY: when no one appreciates my drunken singing.
  • I AM NOT ALWAYS: impatient.
  • I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: clicking noises.
  • I WRITE: occasionally.
  • I CONFUSE: now and then.
  • I NEED: motivation.
  • I SHOULD: learn javascript.
  • I START: with good intentions.
  • I FINISH: and want to redo it.

The other poor unfortunates that I’m inflicting this upon are:

  • Granty (link removed as his blog no longer exists)
  • Maz
  • Paul
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paulp says:

Thanks for that MATE !!!

Mine is done now (Just for you)


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Toxie says:

You started it 😛

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