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Great Ormond Street Hospital’s charity Dr Who auction.

I received this from a friend a few days ago, and with my usual sense of urgency have decided to post it up here. For those of you who don’t know, Great Ormond Street is a major children’s hospital located in London, and the GOSH Children’s Charity aims to supplement the funding provided by the NHS. Anyway, here’s Marty‘s notice:

Over the past few months I’ve played a very tiny part in a VERY special auction which is now live. Some facts that might bore a few of you but:-

“In 2005 Lancasters armourie were contracted by the BBC to build a number of prop swords for the Christmas special episode of the hit revival of Doctor Who.

Used by Doctor Who actor David Tennant and the leader of the Sycorax race the swords were seen by 10 million viewers.

Now Lancasters are auctioning the prototype of the sword (above) in aid of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital.

And, as if owning this unique piece of television history wasn’t enough Lancasters have been aided in their fundraising effort by the generosity BBC Wales and actors David Tennant and Sean Gilder who have provided their signatures for engraving on the blade.

The sword will be auctioned via ebay. Clive Lankford of Lancasters tell us they “are not shy about the fact that we want this to make as much money for GOSHCC as possible”.

More information is available at Martin’s “MayorWatch” website, and the charity auction can be found on Ebay. The auction is set to end on June 19, so if you want to get a bid in you still have a few days to do so.

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A quick update:

The auction ended today with the sword selling for £920.51 – raising £828.46 for Great Ormond Street.

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