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WordPress is cack

No doubt there’s going to be a few out there that disagree with me on this is issue, but I have to say that wordpress is about as good as a mountain of doggydo on a wet and windy morning.

What the hell is the issue with it inserting line breaks and paragraph tags willy nilly? So far in a post, which I’ve just had to take back off the front of the blog, it has broken the display of code within code tags, deciding that it wants to insert empty paragraphs throughout the code and also to displace the location of the closing code tag, thus ensuring that the post breaks.

If that wasn’t enough for the mountain of do, it also has taken to hiding any content that requires special characters to be displayed rather than treated as code, such as the character code for less-than. Not only that it likes to insert a line-break after its omission.

Here’s hoping that someone out there knows a way to fix this before I waste any more time or just scrap it and try a different blog script.

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WordPress is awesome, and if you are having issues with the default settings, ask in the WordPress forums. One of the reasons WordPress is so great is because it has a very large, helpful and friendly community behind it.


I knew there’d be dissenters 🙂

It’s not the only blog script that inserts markup in place of carriage returns, but unlike others there’s no easy way to alter its behaviour. Nucleus, for example, allows you to more easily alter what happens by providing a simple interface in the control panel to edit the template that controls this behaviour. WordPress doesn’t do that, and so unless I want to avoid using appropriate markup for content I’m going to have to either delve into the functions files and search for what I need to alter, or find my way over to a forum and wait for someone to come along and hold my hand. To me that is closer to cack than to awesome – because it’s inconvenient.

Podz says:

Switching the editor off (Users>Profiles>scroll down) will give you more control.
A plugin exists – there are several – which will encode characters before they are sent into the blog engine. One such is http://www.village...09/wp-simplecode/

And WP? It’s pretty good 🙂


I’ve never used the rich text editor, so it wasn’t that. It was the addition of line breaks as default behaviour that was a problem – the answer in the end was to switch to markdown instead of the default formatting; though there were issues with getting that to work right until I found the Text Control plugin – no link as, sadly, the download site no longer exists.

And WP? It’s pretty good

Well, I’m still using it

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