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Just a test

A test to check how the styling works on various elements such as

blockquotes like this one which is only intended to be used for illustrative and experimental purposes at this time.

None of this works We’ll see how all of this works using the WP templating system.

Such things as images and lists should be fairly straight forward, but

  • We should
  • check though
  • to see what
  • the default setup is
  1. otherwise there could be hidden
  2. issues that we need to reveal
  3. in order to properly style this thing

We may also need to post up some code for people to view, such as * { margin: 0; padding: 0; }
this all needs to be styled 🙂

We also need to check how our abbrs, our acronyms (such as png) and our defining instances such as dfn are going to work, both from a visual and accessibility standpoint.

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What you see here is, of course, transient – it’s for me to have a visual cue for customising the site live 🙂

Paulp says:

Its all looking very nice Mr Hurricane. 😉


Are you mad? It’s all looking very broken 😮

Toxie says:

But we’ll see it in Site Check soon 😉


Sure we will 😉


I was right, you have to be very careful with carriage returns as the software keeps wapping line-breaks and paragraphs in where they aren’t wanted.


This is another test rather than an actual quote.

The blue text showing the source is taken from the blockquote’s cite attribute. Unfortunately it’s not possible, AFAIK, to make this a clickable link. Pity, as that would increase the value of doing this considerably – if anyone knows of a way to do it, please let me know.

If you’re baffled by the above, and scratching your head wondering why you can’t see what I’m talking about then it is likely that you are using Internet Explorer 6 for windows (or an earlier version), or some other browser that is unable to understand the CSS 2.1 styles used. Please feel free to download a better browser – for Windows users I recommend either Firefox or Opera.

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