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Earning ‘Free’ Money

There’s a new craze sweeping the interweb folks, one that involves you earning money while you sleep. Yes, AISs are the new Hula Hoop™ with hundreds of people jiggling their online hoops in the hope of striking it rich. Not one to be out done I’ve decided to join the movers and shakers to see if I can make my first million before the age of 21, erm, well …

Tribal Tattoos is the road to riches being taken by Sarah and I. It’s also a road that we’ve put a bit of effort into – laid a few paving stones, dug a trench here and there, planted some shrubs. You know, tidied it up a bit. Amongst other things we’ve researched the market, sourced a supplier who’s happy with the concept and the opportunity to have another outlet for his artwork, restructured the generated template with standards compliant markup and CSS, built a simple shop, and so on – in other words we’ve invested a little time, effort and money into the venture and, most importantly in my opinion, we tried to make sure that we offer something of value to any visitors that drop by.

We’ve also got a number of ideas that will mean we continue to work on it from time to time – including improving the site’s accessibility (getting rid of the pixel widths would be a good start); adding links to the directories from the 600+ sites that we have to sift through; adding more flashes to the tattoo shop and sourcing other products, such as the ebook we currently have under production.

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